Nobody said it …

Nobody said it was easy; No one ever said it would be this hard. I’m going back to the start.
The Scientist- Coldplay

This song, covered by Jenny and Tyler, always calms my vibrations and inspires me.


Life is never easy but once you begin to live only for today and yourself, the possibilities are endless.



Ohh, Today.

I’m feeling slightly groggy and a bit under the weather. It may have something to do with the fact that New Jersey can’t make up its mind. It thoroughly believes that winter and spring should alternate days of the week.

Cinnamon Chai Oolong tea, Zarbees Naturals Apple Spice and some light meditation, here I come.




Always, Amber Rose

Astrology & Yagna relationship

astrolgy yagna-01

The most powerful and potent astrological remedies, be it to fulfill the cherished goals in one’s life or to avoid dangerous and fatal disasters are ‘Astrological Yagnas’, undoubtedly.

They are a lot like science actually; a personalized Yagna is just like a specific medicine prescribed by a physician for a particular illness. In case of an intense problem, when all the means to make it right has failed then a personalized yagna is the answer; effective as it emphasizes on one particular problem.

Vedic Astrology professes two types of Yagnas / rituals or tasks – the regular ones and the specific ones. The regular Yagnas / rituals are those which a person accomplishes on a daily basis. While the specific ones are often done to fulfil a particular wish. Wishes may be as diverse as of a child, wealth a long term romantic affair / stability in a love relationship…

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The Sun Signs of Westeros-Aries

My Obsession? Game of Thrones, all the way.

Void of Course


If you have been consumed by the seven kingdoms like I have, I’m sure you might have wondered what signs these characters were born under too. Half way through A Storm of Swords, I can’t help but imagine some of my favorite characters’ signs. I’m really starting to feel as if I know all these lords and ladies. (And eunuchs, and dwarfs, and bastards…)

How the author managed to come up with such an elaborate realm, I’ll never know, but his intricate detail to every character has inspired me to come up with the sun signs of Westeros. The more I read, the more I’ll post what I believe each character to be. For now, I’ll begin with just the main characters or some that have really stood out to me, starting with Aries…


ARYA, LEADER OF THE WOLF PACK… Arya Stark knows there is no room for being…

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Finding Calm In The Chaos


We all have crazy lives, and we rarely find time to breathe. Our lives get ahead of us, and our thoughts race. I don’t think our lives will ever really not be busy, but we can find calm in the chaos. tumblr_lrdq6dwwvi1qz4d4bo1_400

1. Breathe

Breathing is what keeps us alive, yet it is what we least think about. Proper breathing can slow down your mind and help you to not get overwhelmed. I do this in any stressful situation I am in. Breathe in from your nose for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, and release. Feel the weight lift off your shoulders. Repeat this as many times as you deem necessary.

2. Music

Music is one of those things that can help you in whatever mood you’re in. No matter where you are; a busy train station, work, at home…music is there. The bands ‘The Head and The Heart’ and…

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1. The Original

As my first post, I always like to give some kind of background and a preview of what may be expected of this blogging journey. From a young age I wanted to become a writer and always had a knack for journalism. This led me to create several blogs about the things that matter to me: Astrology, Life, Health, Love, and Spirituality. I am not everyone’s cup of tea but I have firm beliefs and have helped several people by spreading my knowledge and have harnessed even more knowledge by connecting and researching with others. Some things that I am currently working on are Astrological profiling, Reiki Healing, non-chemical living,organic health and beauty, wiccan practice and spiritual therapy. Let’s grow and evolve together. Welcome to my world.

Always, Amber Rose