The Sun Signs of Westeros-Aries

My Obsession? Game of Thrones, all the way.

Void of Course


If you have been consumed by the seven kingdoms like I have, I’m sure you might have wondered what signs these characters were born under too. Half way through A Storm of Swords, I can’t help but imagine some of my favorite characters’ signs. I’m really starting to feel as if I know all these lords and ladies. (And eunuchs, and dwarfs, and bastards…)

How the author managed to come up with such an elaborate realm, I’ll never know, but his intricate detail to every character has inspired me to come up with the sun signs of Westeros. The more I read, the more I’ll post what I believe each character to be. For now, I’ll begin with just the main characters or some that have really stood out to me, starting with Aries…


ARYA, LEADER OF THE WOLF PACK… Arya Stark knows there is no room for being…

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