Ohh, Today.

I’m feeling slightly groggy and a bit under the weather. It may have something to do with the fact that New Jersey can’t make up its mind. It thoroughly believes that winter and spring should alternate days of the week.

Cinnamon Chai Oolong tea, Zarbees Naturals Apple Spice and some light meditation, here I come.




Always, Amber Rose

1. The Original

As my first post, I always like to give some kind of background and a preview of what may be expected of this blogging journey. From a young age I wanted to become a writer and always had a knack for journalism. This led me to create several blogs about the things that matter to me: Astrology, Life, Health, Love, and Spirituality. I am not everyone’s cup of tea but I have firm beliefs and have helped several people by spreading my knowledge and have harnessed even more knowledge by connecting and researching with others. Some things that I am currently working on are Astrological profiling, Reiki Healing, non-chemical living,organic health and beauty, wiccan practice and spiritual therapy. Let’s grow and evolve together. Welcome to my world.

Always, Amber Rose